Jun. 25th, 2011


Jun. 25th, 2011 06:22 pm
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This is a post for the sake of a post. I WANTED TO MAKE CONTACT WITH LJ OKAY?

First and foremost OMG TOKIO HOTEL IN JAPAN AGAIN *_____* :D Although I am ~so~ not feeling Bill's red carpet look with the shiny pedo coat. But whatever, EVERYTHING ELSE WAS/IS PERFECT. Excuse me while I take a moment/hour/week to enjoy this. I love seeing them. Esp Bill, he's so godly.

Second, (the boring stuff) I dip dyed my hair at last yaaaaaay! Only, because I have naturally dark hair it's not very obvious so I'll probs wait until I come back from holiday and then re-dye it and ~then take pictures. Although maybe the sun will make it blonder.

Third, I finally bought a bikini! Bikini shopping is like hell but with not enough fire to burn all the skimpiness I CAN'T FIT MY ASS INTO. Actually, it's my boobs which tend to be the issue. Goddamnit. But I have one, which is the key point here :) And I have another maxi skirt. I'm pretty much set for monday.

Oh yeah, and fourth, I don't think I've mentioned to my flist that I'm going away for 10 days on monday :D As a post-exam and wow-we-actually-made-it-through-college treat, three friends and I are shipping ourselves off to Turkey for sun and sand and parties and aosihfsaoifh I am SO excited *_* Hopefuly I can rid myself of the pale.

And now, I'm listening to Tokio Hotel, in honour of Tokio Hotel.

Have something beautiful/adorable:


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