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Jul. 9th, 2011 05:35 pm
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I'm back! Back from ten fabulous and freaking HOT days in Turkey. I had such a perfect time and it kinda sucks being back in rainy england but at the same time it's so naise to be home and in my own bed. Only thing I'm missing is my mum, who is away for another dew days :( but aside from that, I'm smiling, I'm tanned and slightly in love :3 I met a guy this holiday, a beautiful, musical, interesting guy who is moving into my city next year. Seems all too good to be true, which it might well be but for now, I'm basking :)

Other than a little lovin' in Turkey we had the most amazing time! It was super hot all the time, which meant even ghosty me got a bit of colour YAY. I managed to lose a little weight as well, wtf I know right, on HOLIDAY?! But I did. Eating wasnt really so appealing in 40 degree heat so, hey :D Our apartment was so lovely for the money we paid (which was very little xD), we had a balcony and a little kitchenette that we ~didn't~ manage to set on fire, bonus! and our hotel was right on the beach.

Everything was so ~cheap~ as well! I got a fake designer bag for my sister and some pretty trinkets. The sales techniques at the markets amused me, for one you can barter down the price to barely anything and for another I got told purchasing certain items was "cheaper than Primark, cheaper than shoplifting!" I highly doubt it, but it made me chuckle.

I think the night life was one of my favourite aspects, I'm not a super hardcore party animal but I do love dancing and letting lose and being four girls on holiday they ~always~ want you in ~their~ club, thereby we were tempted in by free drinks almost everywhere. I barely spent a penny on drinks in the end :D I danced on bars, too.

This is a really pathetic holiday post, I know but I'm in a rush to get ready for a friend's party. I have a lot to catch up on in terms of emails and fandom stuff. I LITERALLY HAVE NO CLUE WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE TH BOYS .-. which bothers me, but I’ll catch up tomorrow or summat :D

I just wanted to say haai to you all and I did miss you! I hope nothing too terrible has happened and you’re all good/okay/happy/in high spirits <3 Oh also, thank you to
[info]steinsgrrl, [info]musique_style and [info]liebeundvertra for the v-gifts ^_^ kisses to you all!

So, pictures!
Turkey!! )

That's it! For those of you who are my FB peeps, loads more will be up soon! But these are the best ones :) Love to you all!


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