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I'm going outttt :D I'm so excited to finally be going out after all these fucking exams. I know I've gone on and on and ~on~ about them but now I can shut it and re-learn how to enjoy life. Starting with a lot of alcohol and lod music and friends. Here is mee, ready to go out and waiting to be picked up by a friend. I realised I don't actually look much different whether I'm going out or staying in. This is probably something I should work on in the near future. It's been a while since I was vain/posey for you so thought I'd bring my face back onto my LJ:

Oooops, forgot my lipstick .-.

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... I really rather hope none of my flist dislike me to much, BECAUSE:

I don't know quite WHY I am subjecting myself to such astronomical levels of humiliation but after laughing at myself for a while, I figured I can't do much damage sharing this with you guys. Okay, I take that back with ~immediate haste, this can do an awful lot of damage, xD But I couldn't resist. This is the outcome of my sister Tessa and I, and a webcam. I think my sister would skin me alive if I posted the one of her which is similar to the one down below of me, but in reality she is an Kaya Scodelario look-a like soooo really, I'm sure she'll survive the trauma.

IF YOU DARE... or if I dare xD )

In other news, I lost aaaaall my contacts on my phone D: I've gone down from over 150 and managed to salvage 33 from a facebook plea but noooooooooo I feel so lost! And all my images, videos, music, AND ALL MY DRAFTS have gone. I'm most pissed about the loss of contacts and drafts because I had a little store of fic ideas/lines/titles I always looked at when I was in need of inspiration .-. Now I have none. GUH.


Apr. 12th, 2011 11:04 pm
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One day I will be thin(ner). And maybe beautiful. I just looked in the mirror, like really looked in the mirror, and... yeah. No make-up, no clothes. I've been fine with my body for so long and suddenly all I see is a fat, ugly girl who really really doesn't look very happy. Maybe the reason I've been feeling sort of okay about myself is because I haven't really allowed myself to look at myself properly. It's such a disgustingly unattractive sight.

I need to change. Again.
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As I mentioned I dyed my hair on Wednesday. Turns out it doesn't really show up on webcam, but I took some photos anyway because I felt like being posey :3 There are a couple from yesterday (in which I'm wearing the same top as the ~last time I took photos - I promise I'm clean, I washed it xD) and a couple from earlier today :D

fotos and MOAR )fotos and MOAR )


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I realised I actually post quite a lot of pictures of myself :| Don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing but I shall proceed nonetheless xD I just came back from the pub and reeaaaally need the loo so I'll make this quick. TMI? Ops .-.

See more... )See more... )
P.S LJ betrayed me today and hasn't been telling me about comments I've received since last night. So I'm really sorry if it takes me a while to work out what I need to reply to :| <3
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I was a model the other day, kinda :) My sister needed a model for her photgraphy and guess who was available? She made me doll up for her a couple of weeks ago and seeing as I don't have much else to post on LJ today I thought I could share my face :) I've obviously NOT a model, but I provided a face when she needed one and the outcome wasn't diabolial I s'pose :/ Anyway, here's a few ^_^

I feel really vain doing this .-. Now I shall get back to my essay, and prepare for a presentation for tomorrow, oh god. I might be sick, I don't even talk in class, let alone stand on my own talking for 10 minute. But anyway, I hope everyone is good today <33333 xxxo
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Did I spell those right? I have awful spelling xD Anyway, this is me not even trying to do homework and revision for my VIP exam on Tuesday. And I have a new laptop so I'm experimenting with the webcam and this is the end product :D have a look at my ugly mutt if you so please :3

Aaaaaaaaaaand now that revision jumped out the window I'm off to work some more on [livejournal.com profile] jellypencil 's Purple Dove Project fic :3 and I'm sure I'll be back here soon, too! <3
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This is literally only because I wanted to :3 Enjoy my face (and sort of my wall) from JUST NOW. Sorry it's so dark, my webcam is a piece of poo. You can't even see the feathers in my hair ._. And I look like I'm frowning at you all! I'm not, of course I'm not, I think the feathers are casting an unwanted shadow in frowny places.

I'll smile for you all next time :D


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