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I'm going outttt :D I'm so excited to finally be going out after all these fucking exams. I know I've gone on and on and ~on~ about them but now I can shut it and re-learn how to enjoy life. Starting with a lot of alcohol and lod music and friends. Here is mee, ready to go out and waiting to be picked up by a friend. I realised I don't actually look much different whether I'm going out or staying in. This is probably something I should work on in the near future. It's been a while since I was vain/posey for you so thought I'd bring my face back onto my LJ:

Oooops, forgot my lipstick .-.

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... I really rather hope none of my flist dislike me to much, BECAUSE:

I don't know quite WHY I am subjecting myself to such astronomical levels of humiliation but after laughing at myself for a while, I figured I can't do much damage sharing this with you guys. Okay, I take that back with ~immediate haste, this can do an awful lot of damage, xD But I couldn't resist. This is the outcome of my sister Tessa and I, and a webcam. I think my sister would skin me alive if I posted the one of her which is similar to the one down below of me, but in reality she is an Kaya Scodelario look-a like soooo really, I'm sure she'll survive the trauma.

IF YOU DARE... or if I dare xD )

In other news, I lost aaaaall my contacts on my phone D: I've gone down from over 150 and managed to salvage 33 from a facebook plea but noooooooooo I feel so lost! And all my images, videos, music, AND ALL MY DRAFTS have gone. I'm most pissed about the loss of contacts and drafts because I had a little store of fic ideas/lines/titles I always looked at when I was in need of inspiration .-. Now I have none. GUH.
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As I mentioned I dyed my hair on Wednesday. Turns out it doesn't really show up on webcam, but I took some photos anyway because I felt like being posey :3 There are a couple from yesterday (in which I'm wearing the same top as the ~last time I took photos - I promise I'm clean, I washed it xD) and a couple from earlier today :D

fotos and MOAR )fotos and MOAR )


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I was a model the other day, kinda :) My sister needed a model for her photgraphy and guess who was available? She made me doll up for her a couple of weeks ago and seeing as I don't have much else to post on LJ today I thought I could share my face :) I've obviously NOT a model, but I provided a face when she needed one and the outcome wasn't diabolial I s'pose :/ Anyway, here's a few ^_^

I feel really vain doing this .-. Now I shall get back to my essay, and prepare for a presentation for tomorrow, oh god. I might be sick, I don't even talk in class, let alone stand on my own talking for 10 minute. But anyway, I hope everyone is good today <33333 xxxo
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I counted the days since I've been online properly and it went over my finger-counting capacity .-. It's been almost two weeks. My life betrayed me. I'll cut most of the BS you don't want to hear about and just give you all the yummy bits (with lots of photos, I think! *\o/*) College and work had taken up the rest of my time and WHY WHY WHY I said I'd do more hours this week I don't know but that's another mistake story. So we're done with the dull side of things and onto the more exciting things.

Actually, the first thing I want to say is oh [livejournal.com profile] jellypencil ;___; I noticed yesterday my review numbers had dropped signficantly and it wasn't until today I worked out it was Jelly who has disappeared. I want to cry quite a lot about this, she is so loved! I'm definitely worried and hoping some news will come through about what happened. Whatever it is I hope it's okay very very soon <3 I feel like I'm in mourning or something and feel all sick and ;___; about it all. I do hope she returns.

So onto what I wrote earlier but couldn't post because LJ betrayed me. First of all I'm still all flaily and squee'ing over the amount of interviews I've hads to catch up on! SRSLY I don't even. I just don't even. All the talk of clotheses and the twin love and Tom denying the blates twin love. But especially the twin love *___* 'cause it's totes real. I think the Japanese interviews have been my faaaave. Can they just live there? Kaythanks.


Photos and stuffs :3 )
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Did I spell those right? I have awful spelling xD Anyway, this is me not even trying to do homework and revision for my VIP exam on Tuesday. And I have a new laptop so I'm experimenting with the webcam and this is the end product :D have a look at my ugly mutt if you so please :3

Aaaaaaaaaaand now that revision jumped out the window I'm off to work some more on [livejournal.com profile] jellypencil 's Purple Dove Project fic :3 and I'm sure I'll be back here soon, too! <3


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