Jun. 26th, 2011 07:56 pm
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First of all, thank you for the comments on my previous post :) They mean a lot to me. I don't even know what I was talking about, but an LJ rant was in order and the response was appreciated <3

Second of all, I'm going on holiday tomorrow with three friends. We're gonna be in Turkey for ten days and I'll most likely have no internet. So if anyone tries to contact me, I promise I'm not ignoring you! I'm just unable to check my emails/anything else online.

Let me know if there's another fandom explosion, or Bill grows another beard or if Georg gets married :) Love and twins to you all! xxxo

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Despite it being the last day of the holidays I woke up to this:
WHICH MADE ME SO INDESCRIBABLY HAPPY! I never ever thought I'd get a feature on THF so thank you so so much to anyone who suggested it *___* This is amazing! <3333 I can't stop squeeing xD
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Thanks to [ profile] paceus I've written 1,301 words of something that may turn into a fic, which has helped take my mind off today. At the moment it's two short fics that I want to somehow combine. But we'll see how things go :) Thanks as well to [ profile] tearose99 for the adorable twin idea *so working on that soon*

I see love in Tom's eyes <3

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 ♥ Happy Valentine's  ♥

I hate how little time I have for posting right now but I know I'm not going to be able to get to LJ till at least Friday (ohmygod) so I have to get it out now! Happy Valentine's day to every single one of you ony my flist ^_^ I hope you all had a lovely day, whether it be with your other half or your friends or family :3

This was the first year of my entire life that I got a Valentine! :D I even got an anonymous one at college, as well as two from myfriend Greg which was so nice. And my best friend Sarah gave me one, hehe I love her beyond words. And *squee* thank you so so much to [ profile] paceus and [ profile] sheerac50 who sent me two beautiful THF Valentine packages! I was beyond thrilled so thank you thank you! I honestly wasn't expecting any Valentine's so it really made me feel all warm and fuzzy in my favourite kind of way ^_^

Hopefully come Friday I can thank you personally and much more sufficiently *has no time* .-. But I can't tell you how thrilled I was to recieve your Valentine's!

Happy love day everyone! God, and honestly I'm so so sorry this is just such a rubbish post ;__;

*throws on love with some twins for you all* :3

I know I've posted this before but there is so much twin love it seemed fitting for today *__*

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Thank you all for your kind comments on my last post :3 I'm still feeling a little all over the place and .-. and ;___; but several things have made me cheer up substantially. First of all, [ profile] littlemrstom you are amazing and fabulous and the best beta in the world, thank you <3 Second of all, Silke should move in with me because she, being one of my favourite people ever, made me smile. Third off, I feel accomplished! I managed to complete [ profile] jellypencil 's Purple Dove Project fic and sent it over to her last night and fourth apjfadlwjealfkj Jelly, thank you again for your reaction! I don't even, I just don't even *___* It made me feel so much better about my writing and just all the kind words blew me away a bit. A lot.

Is it really bad if I share what she said to me? Oh well screw it, I want the world to know ^_^ TA-DA:



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