May. 26th, 2011 09:12 pm
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Today I took a day off revision and wrote shitloads. YES I ACTUALLY WROTE SOMETHING. Hopefully something will be complete soon, because I started two things and I'm hoping I won't lose interest...

And now I'm catching up on reading things on THF and holyfuckingshit it feels so gooooood <3333 While I'm here, are there any new fics I should be keeping an eye out for? I haven't checked anything new in a looooong time ;____;

Aside from that my life is very much the same as it has been for the last few weeks. Revision has taken over. But I did go clubbing on Tuesday and it was SO much fun. I met a guy called Mario who actually looked like Mario, only less moustache-y and more stubbley so that was quite exciting. I bought another Bruce Willis DVD and Lady Gaga's album yesterday :3 and now I'm feeling kinda rough but thinking it'll go away because I'm NEVER ill.

Oh yeah, and I've left college now, which is really weird. I only go back now for my exams. It's really bizarre o__O

I hope you're all okay! I miss my online lyfe a lot :( <3333


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Despite it being the last day of the holidays I woke up to this:
WHICH MADE ME SO INDESCRIBABLY HAPPY! I never ever thought I'd get a feature on THF so thank you so so much to anyone who suggested it *___* This is amazing! <3333 I can't stop squeeing xD
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Thank you all for your kind comments on my last post :3 I'm still feeling a little all over the place and .-. and ;___; but several things have made me cheer up substantially. First of all, [livejournal.com profile] littlemrstom you are amazing and fabulous and the best beta in the world, thank you <3 Second of all, Silke should move in with me because she, being one of my favourite people ever, made me smile. Third off, I feel accomplished! I managed to complete [livejournal.com profile] jellypencil 's Purple Dove Project fic and sent it over to her last night and fourth apjfadlwjealfkj Jelly, thank you again for your reaction! I don't even, I just don't even *___* It made me feel so much better about my writing and just all the kind words blew me away a bit. A lot.

Is it really bad if I share what she said to me? Oh well screw it, I want the world to know ^_^ TA-DA:



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