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Birthdate:Jan 16
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
This is where I actually reside:

"Some people have a way with words. Some people, not have way."— Steve Martin

I've recently decided to make my LJ a friends only zone. Which basically means just say hi right here if you'd like to connect :)

So, greetings! I'm Emily/Em/Ems/anything you like, UK bred but not born. I'm a US born girl with a French and Swedish history. This bio got too long once upon a time quite recently so I'm just going to go ahead and list my fandoms/current fascinations for you all to gander :)

Tokio Hotel
Dong Bang Shin Ki
(...who gets his own fandom)

Super Junior
Big Bang aka G-Dragon
More kpop
Game of Thrones
The Mortal Instruments
Harry Potter
Lord of the Rings

I write fanfiction and I like it when people talk to me :))))

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