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2011 has thus far been fabulous and frustrating. But more fabulous because the frustrating parts are really me just being very good at whinging about something that isn't that much of a big deal xD

Well, I left my last post saying I was going to leave 2010 with a bang. Which I sort of managed, in a very unoriginal and conventional fashion. It involved lots of music and talking and dancing and alcohol which of course, the rest of the world did too .-. But I think I managed to score a few originality points, however, when I kissed my history teachers' daughter o__O :D Going to be straaaange going in to History on Tuesday! Especially with Holly there to gossip about something I did in whispers all lesson. That girl.

So my entrance to 2011 was awesome! Even if I'm paying in a big way now. But I had it coming and staying up till dawn at the time felt like a wonderful idea, now... not so much. But we're only young once! I'm not planning on wasting it going to bed on time on New Years.

Ugh, and the frustrating part. My dad called at 11 this morning telling me "Oh Emily, I forgot to mention but we're going up to London today to Nigel and Anne's Boosh party, so I'll pick you up in an hour and we can head up." OH, NICE ONE DAD. I feel fucking fantastic right now and I'm sure in an hours time I'll be leaping through fucking daisy fields. Yeah, I'll turn up in LAST NIGHT'S clothes with LAST NIGHT'S make-up feeling like a MASSIVE SKANK and stay chatting to hundreds of adults all wanting to know about my uni offers and career prospects when all I can muster is a grunt and quite possibly throw up over them, yeah this'll go down well. I really think my dad needs to take a moment to reflect on his teenage years, which as far as I'm aware were spent slightly further off the rails than I am. Thanks dad, that's great.

So we went, but we went later and I managed to stay talking to someone my age about protests and music festivals. AND HE UNDERSTOOD MY PREDICAMENT. Unlike some parent of mine.

Oh dear, another rant from Emily. Sorry guys. I hope you all had a wonderful New Years and were safe and with loved ones ^_^ Take care! xxxo

Oh, and I am no longer a Jagerbomb virgin! :D AND ALSO I'm working out photoshop (again xD) so perhaps I'll have something to post here... one day. We'll see :D Happy 2011!
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Final post of 2010! Which isn't really saying much for me considering I only really joined LJ properly like a month ago. But it's been a lovely month :) We're leaving behind 2010 now, and this year I'm going to go out with a bang :D Not sure how yet, but maybe I'll tell you all tomorrow if I'm functioning. Who knows :D

I hope you all have the most fantastic New Year! Enjoy the last of 2010 and the beginning of 2011 even more! This year has been a year of change for me, for the better I think. Which makes me both apprehensive about the coming year and excited. I'm thinking it can only go up from here. Haha I would totes not be saying that this time last year. I changed my hair, my wardrobe, my attitude, my social life, and my weight. So we'll see what life holds for me this year. I hope for you guys it's gonna be full of wonderfulness and a few sparkles ;)

And the other thing, I'm finally getting round to prettifying my LJ. It's a work in progress, but I think I'm getting there. And I made me very own banner :D Which is also subject to change. But check out my WIP livejournal if you so wish :D

Happy New Year everyone! I'm off to live is large for the night! Much love, Em xxxo


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